How to Brainstorm Great Sunday School Crafts

Are you at a loss with what to prepare for your Sunday school crafts?  If you are, then you will value this article which features helpful tips on how to brainstorm some creative ideas for your church, youth group, or personal use at home.

1.    Think of the lesson before getting crafty.  Everyone agrees that the point of most Sunday school crafts is to reinforce learning of important messages, scriptures, and lessons for preschoolers, young children, and even teens.  Before you begin, make certain that you have a concrete plan of each lesson you would like to lead the group through.  Once you have this firmly in mind, you’re ready to begin getting more creative.

2.    Give the Biblical setting a try.  It’s easy to create Sunday school crafts that coincide with lesson plan settings.  Simply apply this concept to the material you plan to teach and extract ideas with ease.  Choose period/culture jewelry, various artwork styles, common jobs, and other areas to work with from within the setting.  (i.e., Joesph’s Story in Egypt could contain many Sunday school crafts that focus on the Egyptian setting.  Consider crafts to create fanciful collars, bracelets, necklaces, and more to get you started.)

3.    Involve your class for a new perspective.  This is an especially great tactic if you are working with teenagers.  However, the process will work with younger groups; you might want to limit choices to smaller numbers to keep it manageable.  Have a creative session with your Sunday school group and find out what interests your students.  Create a list of topics and areas of study with workable Sunday school crafts and you’ll soon be on your way to some wonderful ideas.  The kids will appreciate being involved as well.

4.    Post an idea board in your church lobby.  Make it easy to get new ideas for your Sunday school crafts.  Create a colorful display in the lobby with a decorated bulletin board.  (You can also use this to feature great works from students.)  Fasten a paper-covered shoebox, index cards, and pencil attached with a string.  Cut a slot in the shoebox for on the top for your members to write ideas place them in the box for your review.

5.    Use the Internet as a primary resource.  The web is a great place to get ideas for Sunday school crafts and other activities.  It is easy to find patterns for crafts as well as full lesson plans and printable artwork to get the ideas flowing.

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2 Great Sunday School Crafts for Youngsters and Teens

Each month, we at would like to provide you with some simple and creative Sunday school crafts to try with your children, churches, and classrooms. This month’s selection features two versatile projects that you can work into Vacation Bible School programs with ease. Teens will be especially fond of the Backstage Pass craft; while younger children will appreciate and enjoy helping you create their very own Go Fish pool for endless fun and fellowship.

Go Fish – Sunday School Crafts for Youngsters

Materials Needed: Paper and/or cardstock, staples, string, magnets, dowel rods, and an inflatable children’s pool.

1. Begin this activity by making a pretend fishing rod out of the dowel rod and string. Assemble this with staples and fasten a magnet at the end of the string. (In the same location a hook would go on a regular fishing rod.)

2. Next, cut out fish and marine life shapes and clip a paperclip on each item. The children may really enjoy coloring these items as their contribution to this project. You may also place questions or scriptures on the back side of these shapes to enhance your overall learning experience.

3. Inflate the swimming pool and get ready to go fish! Simply place your shapes along the bottom of the pool and children may take turns, “fishing” for scriptures and other valuable lessons during this enjoyable role play activity.

Backstage Pass – Sunday School Crafts for Teens

Materials Needed: Lanyard with bulldog clips, cardstock, self-laminating sheets (if you don’t have a laminator handy), stickers, markers, and other items to embellish each pass.

1. Begin by cutting the cardstock into pieces roughly 4 inches wide by 2 ½ inches tall. This will be the foundation for your Backstage Pass.

2. Decorate and embellish the pass to suit your event & each child’s interests. Use stickers, markers, or any other items you wish to use to personalize each pass.

3. When finished, laminate each card and attach it to a lanyard with a simple bulldog clip. Most lanyards already come equipped with this style of clip.

Be sure to check back soon to see some more Sunday school crafts, creative themes for your Sunday school programs, and more. It’s time to begin thinking about Vacation Bible School before summer is in full swing. Are you prepared for this annual event? If not, take a closer look at for detailed downloadable and printable Bible studies, youth programs, Sunday school crafts, and much more.

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Where to Find Free, Printable Bible Study Lessons Online

Today, many Bible study groups are looking for ways to make their sessions more effective.  Most of us realize how important it is to make time for our fellowship, yet life can quickly become an obstacle at times.  In order to make the most of this devotion time, it is very helpful to become more organized and locate resources to make our time most productive.

Did you know that there are many great online resources?  One, reputable source offers a wide selection of free printable Bible study lessons.  Additional materials are available for a very low cost and enable users to quickly prepare and organize study topics for optimal Bible study sessions.  This is a wonderful resource if you require some ideas for useful areas of study.

If you’re looking for curriculum as an individual wishing to study the Bible, than this offering is a perfect fit for your needs.  From adult to teen and even the Sunday school crowd, there are excellent free printable Bible study lessons available if you know where to look.

1.  This site features free printable Bible study lessons with group discussions, curriculum for personal use, and youth study groups.  Perfect for all ages, this online resource provides great ideas for Sunday school crafts and adult or teen free printable Bible study lessons.

2.  This interesting e-book features wonderful and free lessons and reading materials on Angels.  Complete with reading assignments, questions, and more to reinforce your learning.

3.  This site features free printable Bible study lessons on the book of Isaiah.  The comprehensive course is designed for teachers, study groups, individuals, and others interested in learning more from the Bible.

4.  Create a web-based share site for your Bible study group.  Load it up with free printable Bible study lessons and so much more.  Get everyone in your group involved in teaching and researching with this helpful tool.  Each member can easily post information as it is completed.  You will now have a complete archive for your group discussions, questions, files, and more by modernizing your communication methods.

5.  Join an online interactive Bible course that is open to everyone and contains structured teachings that will bring you closer to God.  Experience free printable Bible study lessons that contain reading assignments, Bible references, and quizzes to verify your progress along the way.  All teachings may be read online or printed for reading away from your computer.

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How to Prepare Awesome Bible Lessons for Teens

Being a teenager is tough – especially teens that are growing in their journey through Christianity.   The Bible presents a unique platform for greater understanding to this country’s youth providing relevant information that parallels some common challenges with these teenagers.  If we are to reach this younger audience, then we must make bible lessons for teens that reach out to them about issues and temptations they deal with in everyday life.

The first step to preparing truly awesome bible lessons for teens is to locate scripture and readings that are directly relevant to this time in your student’s life.  One great example of this type of relevance is evident in the Book of Corinthians, where the church in Corinth was transitioning from paganism to godliness.  Stories of transition can help teenagers to cope with the transitional feelings they are experiencing as they move from childhood to adulthood.  Look for other parallels that will instill christianly values, while providing some biblical advice on coping with the challenges.

Once you’ve determined relevance, you will need to keep the subject matter entertaining.  This can be achieved through a variety of means including holding your bible lessons for teens at differing locations to influence to the overall atmosphere of your lesson.  Choose locations that bring an air of fun; like pizzerias, parks, picnic groves, museums, and the like.

Teenagers prefer craft activities that are not childish-seeming or overly complicated.  The grunge look has gained popularity and is easily created with scrapbooking supplies from retailers like Michael’s, Joann Fabrics, and even Wal-Mart.  Compliment your bible lessons for teens with mini-word albums that the group can decorate, embellish, and grunge-out.  Supply chipboard letters, paints, distress inks, rubber stamps and other odds and ends including printed scriptures that apply to your area of study. Another great project that teens will enjoy is to create a backstage pass.  This is easily done by decorating a credit-card sized piece of cardstock then laminating and attaching to a lanyard.  You might be surprised to see how creative and interactive your group becomes when working on projects like these.

Don’t forget about the power of the internet for fresh ideas.  It’s easy to find great bible lessons for teenagers online and many offer printable materials, craft instructions, and reading assignments to get you prepared quickly.  All you need to add is a little bit of creativity and leadership in order to produce many awesome bible lessons for teens.

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